📢 EVENT: Cookie Castle RSVP!

📢 EVENT: Cookie Castle RSVP!

💌 GingerBrave has invited you to the Cookie Castle! Leave a comment to enter the event!


Hi! It's me, GingerBrave! 😀

Have you heard the epic news?
We've got a new brick collection, just for you!

You can create your very own Kingdom
with our special ✨ Brick Collection! ✨ 



The Sugar Gnomes wanted everyone to
recreate the magic of our Cookie Castle!

They worked really hard to
bring the Cookie Castle to life

with 1,454 bricks!
The Brick Collection World is
only big enough for Cookies...


I'm sending you an invitation to join us
because you're one of my best friends!


Come and help us rebuild the
Kingdom with the Brick Collection.

And don't forget to keep this
invitation in hand.

I'll wait atop the castle until you're here!