📌 101 Uses for Soulstones

📌 101 Uses for Soulstones

Imagine if you will...! 😆 How do the Cookies play with Soulstones?

#00 Cookie Soulstones, straight from the Witch's oven



#01 Witness the Might of the Seas!

(Bring the might of the seas to the kingdom!)



#02 Here I Come...

I played Strawberry Cookie in chess and lost...
One more round...



#03 King's Blessing!

Did you see that? HA! I won again!
A king always claims victory, even at board games!



#04 Tis My Royal Duty to Accept Any Challenges!

The time has come!
Will the Princess's Locket bring good fortune?
Or perhaps the royal scepter is the key to victory?