📌 COOSMOPOLITAN : The Magazine of the Cookies, by the Cookies, for the Cookies

📌 COOSMOPOLITAN : The Magazine of the Cookies, by the Cookies, for the Cookies

🪴An exclusive interview with the one and only, Herb Cookie!

🎤Hello, everyone! This is Reporter Cookie, and I am so pleased to be here with Herb Cookie, the first Cookie on the front cover of the very first issue of COOSMOPOLITAN! Please say hello to our COOSMOPOLITAN subscribers, Herb Cookie!

🪴Hello, I'm Herb Cookie! I'm so glad to be part of COOSMOPOLITAN's inception! I'm a little nervous about the interview since it's my first time ever, but I have a good feeling I'll do well! I'm full of energy today! 

🎤How was your first ever photo shoot today?

🪴I think it went well! I felt a bit overwhelmed by so many lights at first, but they soon began to feel like sunshine! 

🎤 I'm glad to hear that! Now, let's dive into the actual interview!
The COOSMOPOLITAN subscribers are most curious to know what your day-to-day life is like! So, tell us, Herb Cookie, how do you usually spend your day?

🪴Lately, I've been planting Thriving Herb Seeds in my greenhouse! It's said that sunny weather is the key to growing the sprouts, but I know the real secret to successfully growing them! First, put a Fresh Rain Jelly in Herb Teapot and boil on low heat for 3 hours. Let it age for a day, then mix it with water in a 1:1 ratio. Then, simply spray! It is time-consuming, but you need to give lots of love and effort to grow plants. I wish I could show you some of the newly grown herb sprouts! Oh, I'm talking too much about plants, aren't I? 

🎤A true plant expert of the Cookie kingdom! As an expert, do you have any plant recommendations for our COOSMOPOLITAN subscribers?

🪴I gave Pancake Cookie a sundried Acorn Jelly as a gift once. He really, really loved it! I would love to give the subscribers some sundried Jellies too! You should all visit my greenhouse sometime!

🎤It's the talk of the Cookie kingdom! How are things with your flower shop, Herb Cookie?

🪴Fortunately, a lot of Cookies have been visiting my flower shop, keeping me busy! We chat over our favorite herbal tea, and it makes me look forward to what we will talk about each day! Just a few days ago, Sorbet Shark Cookie visited! I couldn't exactly understand what Sorbet Shark Cookie was saying, but I think the Cookie is in search of a treasure map! 

🎤Tell us about the new Herb Cookie Mug Set too!

🪴Right! I was making flower pots because Sparkling Cookie said he didn't have a garden to plant flowers, but I got carried away and made too many of them! So, I decided to sell them as a mug set on the Cookie Run Store! It's a set of a mug cover and a flower pot mug! It's engraved with a flower smiling happily as ever! Feel free to check it out!

🎤On a side note, quite a few are curious about the 17th New Sugar Gnome... How is he doing?

🪴Well... I was really worried about him at first because he had a hard time adapting to the kingdom. He had trouble memorizing all the other Sugar Gnomes' names, and he would give me a rather... eerie smile at times, which actually turned out to be a happy smile! I think he has been adjusting well lately, even going on World Exploration with Pure Vanilla Cookie! I did hear that he got a secret quest recently... I hope he is okay!

🎤It was such a pleasure to have you, Herb Cookie, as COOSMOPOLITAN's first interviewee! Thank you so much for your time!

🪴Likewise! I had a lot of fun, much like seeing a newly grown herb sprout! Thanks to COOSMOPOLITAN, today is going to be a bright, sunny day!