📌 Treasure Hunt Squad

📌 Treasure Hunt Squad

Thanks to everyone's encouragement, 🦈Sorbet Shark Cookie, 🐚Peppermint Cookie, 🏴‍☠️Pirate Cookie, and 🍪GingerBrave's treasure hunt expedition was a huge success! Let's go see what brave adventures they faced!

Back in July, we released the story of the Treasure Hunt Squad on the Cookie Run Store social media platforms!

Through their rough journey, you encouraged and helped them make smart choices! Thanks to everyone's support, the Treasure Hunt Squad's expedition was a grand success! 💙

We archived their adventures so you can enjoy them from the beginning, even if you missed the opportunity!




🦈 I pieced together map fragments from the Seaside Market and it became a treasure map!

This calls for an adventure!

A treasure hunt expedition it is! With Peppermint Cookie, we can take the Cookie's Combi Pet, Paper Boat Sailor!




🦈 Peppermint Cookie was right! The Cookie has so many friends in the sea!

I want to be friends with Pirate Cookie!
Should I approach his ship?




🦈 Whew! Thanks to everyone's help, I could save my friends before they got soggy!

Tropical Soda Islands are nearby! We should go there for safety...!

Huh?! I see a treasure chest over there!




🦈 What an adventure!
Full of fun, full of treasure! 💙

I'd say this was a grand success for Treasure Hunt Squad's first expedition!

Now it's time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the sun!