Collectible Figure: Gnome's Life
Collectible Figure: Gnome's Life
Collectible Figure: Gnome's Life
Collectible Figure: Gnome's Life
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Collectible Figure: Gnome's Life

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When purchasing a single figure from this set,
one individual figure will be shipped at random.
1 set contains 6 random figures.
Please keep this in mind when proceeding with your purchase.

The Sugar Gnomes come to life
in a set of 6 adorable figures.

Meet the very same Sugar Gnome decor
from Cookie Run: Kingdom,
from the Reading Sugar Gnome to the Tripped Over Sugar Gnome.

Collect the entire set! After all,
the more Sugar Gnomes, the merrier your Kingdom!

A random assortment of 6 figures are contained in 1 set.
Collect these figures by purchasing individually or as a set!


[Detailed Specifications]
· Size: 70 X 70 X 90mm (Individual Package)
· Material: PVC
· Country of Origin: China
· Seller: Devsisters Corp.

[Handling Precautions]
- This product is for display purposes only.
- Please note that, due to the nature of the product, exchanges and/or refunds are unavailable after the product has been opened and/or due to a change of heart.
- The product's parting line (the boundary of the part being assembled) is caused during the manufacturing process and the paint may be uneven. These elements cannot be the reason for an exchange or refund request.
- The surface paint may be minutely uneven in some areas.
- Please take precautions to keep the product away from direct sunlight, do not put the product in your mouth, or apply strong force.


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