GingerBrave Plushie
GingerBrave Plushie
GingerBrave Plushie
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GingerBrave Plushie

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Who's cute and brave? Adorable and courageous?
Why, GingerBrave, of course!
The bravest of them all comes to you
as a soft and loveable plushie!

So soft! So comfy!
Give GingerBrave a big hug and relax together.
He's the perfect plushie to carry around in one hand!

[Detailed Specifications]
· Size: 150 X 200 X 40mm
· Material: Polyester
· Country of Origin: China
· Seller: Devsisters Corp.

[Handling Precautions]
- Please keep packaging away from children.
- Use for intended purposes only.
- Please take precautions to keep away from children's mouths.
- Keep away from heat sources and open flames.
- Not intended for use by children under 3 years of age. Usage with parental or guardian supervision is required.
- When wet, let the product dry in a shaded area to prevent damage.

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