Legendary Tin Box Set
Legendary Tin Box Set
Legendary Tin Box Set
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Legendary Tin Box Set

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Take a look at this breathtaking piece of artwork
of the Legendary Cookies!
It's a tin box that features special artwork
and a fabric poster that resembles stained glass.

The tin box's size is just about perfect
for storing any miscellaneous treasures,
and you can hang the fabric poster
to create a stained glass window in your own space.

What can we say?
It's the perfect combination!

Don't miss this Legendary Tin Box Set!

[Detailed Specifications]
· Components: Tin Box x1, Fabric Poster x1
· Size: 240 x 170 x 40mm (Tin Box), 500 x 350mm (Fabric Poster)
· Material: Metal
· Country of Origin: China
· Seller: Devsisters Corp.

[Handling Precautions]
- Do not place in the dryer as it may cause damage to the product.
- Recommended: hand-wash only. Use lukewarm water.
- Do not use bleach or fabric softener.
- Due to the nature of the material, there may be fine scratches on the surface of the tin box.
- Use for intended purposes only.
- Please take precautions to keep away from children's mouths.
- Keep away from heat sources and open flames.
- Handle with care and avoid damage that may be caused by strong impact or force.

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