Kingdom 1st Anniversary OST Album
Kingdom 1st Anniversary OST Album
Kingdom 1st Anniversary OST Album
Kingdom 1st Anniversary OST Album

Kingdom 1st Anniversary OST Album

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The Cookies have embarked on a grand adventure!
Together, let's relive the exciting story of our Cookie friends
in Cookie Run: Kingdom by listening to the tracks
contained in Adventure I and Adventure II!
Special moments of inspiration,
as sweet as the Cookies themselves,
are contained within the Seasonal Soundtrack.

Together, let's look back on the music of Cookie Run: Kingdom
and be inspired to keep running forward.

Just as music can invigorate the soul,
the Cookies are energized with each step they take
in their grand adventure!


1. Welcome to Cookie Run: Kingdom!
2. In the Distant Past
3. Dark Flour War: Into the Fray
4. Dark Flour War: The Final Battle
5. May Dreams Bless Your Slumber in the Oven
6. The Wake of Destruction
7. Our Adventure Begins
8. Strolling Through the Kingdom
9. Little Cookie, Big Dreams
10. Time to Meet New Friends
11. Can You Smell What the Witch is Baking?
12. The Magic Never Ends
13. Meddling Meddlers
14. The Chase is Afoot
15. World 1: Land of Little Big Dreams
16. Gear Up & Prepare for Battle
17. Venture Forth!
18. Never Stop Dreaming
19. Kingly Ambitions
20. Welcome to Bear Jelly Village
21. Rebuilding the Kingdom
22. I Promise (Feat. Noh Seung Ho-Nemesis)
23. World 2: Dragon Hill
24. Howdy! It’s Bounty Huntin’ Time!
25. Like a Mirage in the Glade
26. Expedition Above the Clouds
27. World 3: Pilgrim’s Path
28. Glorious Victory Awaits
29. Never Surrender
30. Stay Sharp! Pilgrim Village
31. Stay a While at Traveler’s Rest
32. Cookies of Darkness
33. Rise Up! Beacons of Unity
34. Traces of the Legend
35. Light the Beacons
36. Get Ready! A Monstrous Threat
37. The Council Demands an Answer
38. Parfaedia Institute
39. World 4: Hero’s Gate
40. Through Unknown Lands
41. World 5: Tainted Forest
42. Welcome to Pomegranate Village
43. World 6: Ancient Altar
44. Nothing Can Stop Us

1. World 7: Forgotten Academy
2. Guests in the Ghost City
3. The Ferryman
4. Forbidden Knowledge in the Secret Garden
5. Memories of Two Friends
6. World 8: Hall of Enlightenment
7. Darkness Reborn
8. World 9: Castle in the Sky
9. Perilous Battles Await
10. World 10: Timeless Kingdom
11. We Will Not Falter
12. Pure Vanilla Cookie Visits the Kingdom
13. Dark Enchantress Cookie’s Banquet
14. GingerBrave Stands Strong
15. A Battle Like None Other
16. May All Remain Crispy and Fresh
17. My Kingdom (Feat. Jay Marie)
18. Cookie Run: Kingdom - Tiers of Chaos
19. Tragedy at the Tower
20. A Secret Mission
21. Heavy Burden of Truth
22. The Cake Factory
23. Wilting of the White Lily
24. From the Ashes of Chaos
25. The Fall
26. Chaos Rages On
27. Berry Jungle
28. The Thin Line Between Thrill & Fear
29. World 11: Bustling Grandberry Market
30. World 12: Hollyberry Palace
31. A Dance Party at the Palace
32. Choco Werehound Princess’ Troupe
33. Know Thy Honor, Know Thy Sword
34. Sound the Horn! Hollyberry Cookie Has Arrived

1. Tropical Soda Islands
2. A Horrid Deed at Watermelon Isle
3. Battle on Sandy Shores
4. It’s CAPTAIN Stink-Eye Tortuca
5. Battle of the Soda Seas
6. Suspicious Gambit
7. Scourge of the Seas
8. Pirate Wannabe
9. Weigh Anchor, Hoist the Sails
10. Princess Cookie: Sneak Mode!
11. Terror of the Depths
12. All Hands on Deck
13. Pearls & Memories
14. The Tide Rises! Sea Fairy Cookie’s Arrival
15. Everything You Need (Feat. Park Jiyoon)
16. Gotta Go Fast, With Friends!
17. A Feast with the Mala Tribe
18. Last Cookie Standing
19. The Galaxy’s Greatest Criminals
20. Victory or Bust!
21. Cookie Run: Kingdom - Halloween is Here!
22. Spooky Night of Tricksters
23. Mont Blanc Cookie’s Maison Marron
24. Fashion is More Than a Statement
25. Halloween Masquerade
26. The Halloween Ghost
27. Cookie Run: Kingdom - The Frost Witch
28. When The Snow Feels Warm (Title Screen Version)
29. When The Snow Feels Warm (A Cappella Version)
30. Cotton Cookie’s Lullaby
31. The Frost Children’s Desires
32. A Glimpse of the Truth
33. The Wind Flower
34. The Warm Light of Your Lantern
35. When The Snow Feels Warm (Full Version)
36. Clash on Mountains High
37. Frost Queen Cookie has Arrived!
38. Winter has Come to the Kingdom
39. A Cup of Cocoa When it Snows
40. Backstage Before the Concert
41. I Dedicate This Piece to You
42. Melodies Sweeter Than Cocoa


[Special Bonus Offer Contained in Purchase]
- Cookie Run: Kingdom 1st Anniversary OST
Exclusive Decor + 3,000 Crystals (1x Coupon)
- Tapping on the Decor plays random music for 15 seconds.

The booklet contained within is written in Korean and English.

[Detailed Specifications]
· Components: CD-R x3, Album Booklet x1, Coupon x1
· Size: 139
X 189 X 19mm (Digipack), 139 X 189 X 13mm (Album Booklet)
· Material: PC, Paper
· Country of Origin: Korea
· Seller:
Devsisters Corp.

[Handling Precautions]
- Use for intended purposes only.
- Please take precautions to keep away from children's mouths.
- Keep away from heat sources and open flames.
- Please take precautions to keep the product away from direct sunlight, do not put the product in your mouth, or apply strong force.
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