Cookie Run Bucket O' Clay Set
Cookie Run Bucket O' Clay Set
Cookie Run Bucket O' Clay Set
Cookie Run Bucket O' Clay Set

Cookie Run Bucket O' Clay Set

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Ever wanted to create your very own Cookies?
Good news, everyone!
Now's your chance to start making Cookies
with this clay set!

Shape, mold, and create to your heart's content!
A perfect activity to enjoy with friends and family!

The set includes 5 base colors:
Yellow, Red, Blue, Brown, and White.
Mix and match, create your own colors,
and bring your Cookies to life!

Use the clay knife and molds provided
to create the perfect Cookie!

The clay can be re-used
as long as you remember these 3 pointers.

1. After using the clay,
always store it in a sealed container
to prevent it from drying.

2. If the clay is a bit dry and it's difficult to handle,
add a few drops of water
to the clay to make it easier to mold.

3. Clay that has been completely dried
will be difficult to re-use.

What're you waiting for?!
Let's make Cookies!

[Detailed Specifications]
Size 100 x 72mm
Material PP, etc.
Country of Origin China
Seller Devsisters Corp.
Manufacturer Kumhong Fancy Co., Ltd.
Handling Precautions - Please take caution when handling the clay, especially if you are allergic or sensitive to materials of similar make. Precautions must be taken when handled by children.
- Do not use the clay for costume materials and/or as skin cosmetics.
- Use for intended purposes only.
- Choking hazard: When used by children, guardian supervision is recommended.
- Make sure to wash your hands after you are finished handling the clay.
- Store the clay in a sealed container to prevent drying.
- Keep away from direct sunlight and do not store in high temperature or humid environments.
- If the clay becomes stuck to clothing, carpets, or other textiles, remove the clay immediately before it dries. If the clay has dried on a textile, use water to make the clay more manageable before removing.
- Please note that, due to the nature of the product, it is normal for droplets of moisture may secrete from the clay itself when stored or handled in high temperature environments. In such occasions, handle and mold the clay repeatedly to return it to its normal condition.
- Handle with care in order to prevent cuts that may be caused by the edges of the case.
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