Cookie Run Gift Bags (M) (2)
Cookie Run Gift Bags (M) (2)

Cookie Run Gift Bags (M) (2)

Sale price$3.07 USD

Check out these colorful GingerBrave
and Sugar Gnome gift bags!

It's a sturdy gift bag made of matte coated paper!
It comes in three different sizes too: S/M/L

A perfect gift bag for Cookie Run merch gifts!

[Detailed Specifications]
· Size: 260 X 340 mm
· Material: Paper, etc.
· Country of Origin: Korea
· Seller: Devsisters Corp.
· Manufacturer: Kumhong Fancy Co., Ltd.

[Handling Precautions]
- Use for intended purposes only.
- Handle with care in order to prevent cuts that may be caused by the edges.
- Keep away from heat sources and open flames.
- Keep away from direct sunlight and environments with high temperatures and/or high humidity.
- Please take precautions to keep away from children's mouths.

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